5 most useful apps of 2018

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Whether you’re hoping to improve your workplace productivity, take professional quality photos, or entertain yourself while you’re waiting for the bus, there’s an app to suit your needs. Here are some of this year’s unmissable downloads.

1. Google Lens

Ever walked past a flower and thought, ‘That’s beautiful, I wonder what it is’? Or visited an upscale restaurant and failed to recognise a single item on the menu? Google Lens can help! This next generation of search engine enables you to scan the world around you, identifying plants and animals you encounter, exploring popular landmarks, and translating words you don’t understand. It can even help you shop for similar scanned items of clothing or home décor! Although the app is still in early development stages, it’s an exciting prospect for Android users.

Available on Android: Free download

2. Evernote

In the mobile era, a good note-taking app is essential whether you’re a student heading back to college or a professional trying to organise your home and work life. With the ability to add online clippings, drag in files or use the camera tool to scan documents, create checklists and reminders, and organise everything into individual notebooks with searchable tags, Evernote is a one-stop personal management tool that turns even the most disorganised individual into a master of productivity.

Available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac: Free for core features with paid Premium option.

3. HQ Trivia

If you enjoy pub quizzes and fancy trying your luck in a live trivia gameshow against players all over the country, HQ Trivia is the app for you. Its twice daily shows feature 12 increasingly difficult multiple-choice general knowledge questions – answer them all correctly and you’ll win a share of the real money prize pot. Hosted by personable emcees with a live chat option, HQ Trivia is a savvy, well-marketed app that deserves all the hype.

Available on Android, iOS: Free download with micro transactions.

Apps on tablet computer

4. Google News

Advances in AI and machine learning enabled Google to launch a revamped news app this year that is a step beyond all the others. Featuring a customisable ‘For You’ section that selects stories based on your interests and location, Google News also offers full coverage of stories from around the web as reported by different publishers. It’s a great way to get multiple perspectives and opinions on a topic.

Available on Android, iOS: Free download

5. Pocket

Ever lost your Wi-Fi signal on a train just as you were about to start reading a really interesting article? Pocket enables you to save websites, articles, or videos for later and then call them up when you’re ready to access them. The app also has a feature that lets you send recommended articles and videos to a friend’s Pocket or share on social media.

Available on Android, iOS, Chrome, Mac: Free download with optional paid upgrade.

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