5 illustrators you should follow on Instagram

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut, or just want to take a glimpse at what other illustrators around the world are creating, following successful illustrators on Instagram can boost your creativity and broaden your perspectives.

Here are 5 illustrators you should follow on Instagram:

1. Catalina Estrada

A Colombian illustrator and pattern designer with over 26,000 Instagram followers, Catalina’s brightly-coloured, nature-inspired work features on everything from colouring books and wallpaper to clothing and bedding. She has worked with high-profile clients including Paul Smith, Levis, Nike, Coca-Cola, UNICEF and Microsoft.

Flora and fauna are Catalina’s main sources of inspiration. Her visual language has been described as cheerful, intensely colourful, infectiously optimistic, and infused with a power of nature that extends beyond borders. Through her creative work, she aims to inspire happiness in others.

Her Instagram account showcases her latest work, as well as images of her and her family.


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Follow Catalina Estrada on Instagram.


2. Bodil Jane

An illustrator from Amsterdam with over 220,000 Instagram followers, Bodil Jane’s work has featured on items around the world – from coffee cups in Korea to tote bags in Australia.

She describes her work as colourful, playful, feminine and fun.

Her Instagram account showcases both images of her works in progress, as well as her finished work and where in the world that work ends up.

“I think Instagram is the number one social media for illustrators,” she says. “I get most of my jobs through the channel.”

Follow Bodil Jane on Instagram.


3. Hélène Baum

Based in Berlin, Hélène originally worked as a graphic designer, but slowly made the transition to becoming an illustrator.

She utilises watercolours and vector-drawing to create her strikingly colourful images. “Colour is primordial for me, and is a bit of an obsession,” she says.

When describing her work, she says many of her images are about identity and diversity. “I also find inspiration in mythology, legends, nature and cultures around the world.”


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Follow Hélène Baum on Instagram.


4. Jean Julien

With 1 million Instagram followers, French illustrator Jean Julien’s creative work encompasses illustration, photography and video, and features in books, posters, costumes, art installations and clothing to create a coherent and eclectic body of creative work.

He has showcased his work around the world, at museums and galleries in Paris, London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo, among others. He has also worked with a range of world-renowned clients including New York Times, New Yorker, The Guardian, National Geographic, Vogue and Amnesty International.

Follow Jean Julien on Instagram.


5. DailyDoodleGram

As its name suggests, this Instagram account, run by Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli, features new illustrations daily.

Geffen set the account up as an ongoing Instagram-based drawing project. Each daily drawing she posts is inspired by elements from a range of photos in her daily Instagram feed. She combines these elements to create an illustrated collage.

The creative process behind her work includes collecting, disassembling and reconstructing images.

Geffen regards the constant practice of drawing as the creation of a personal, abstract diary, documenting experiences and feelings across years.

Follow DailyDoodleGram on Instagram.


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