4 Reasons an Online Master's Degree is More Affordable Than You Think

Tue 1 Dec 2020

1. Flexible Learning Courses Have Flexible Payment Plans
2. Falmouth Offers Discounts For Online Master’s Degree Students
3. Get Additional Help for Your Tuition by Applying for Bursary
4. An Online Master’s Degree May Provide a Return on Your Investment

A top quality education doesn’t come cheap. In order to ensure students get the very best, universities need to invest in developing course material, hiring expert tutors, and providing state-of-the-art study resources.

Luckily, Falmouth’s creative Master’s courses can be far more affordable than other options for students. Not only does the flexible learning format allow you to continue to work and earn a full salary as you study, but the university also provides a number of bursaries, discounts, and payment options to make financing your degree a little easier.

1. Flexible Learning Courses Have Flexible Payment Plans

Getting the money together for a Master’s course can be more difficult for some students than for others. That’s why Falmouth offers a flexible payment plan which allows you to pay for your tuition over time, reducing the burden it places on your day-to-day finances.

While the total fee is £9,500, students can pay in six instalments of £1,550 over a 2-year period. This means that you only need to save £387.50 per month—or just over £13 per day—in order to pursue a prestigious online Master’s degree.

While this is by no means cheap, a few smart lifestyle adjustments, such as bringing your lunch to work instead of picking it up at a restaurant, can make it very manageable, and you will be surprised by just how easily you can make the savings you need.

2. Falmouth Offers Discounts For Online Master’s Degree Students

Falmouth also offers a number of significant discounts for students; however, not all can be combined with bursaries and other discounts. Applicants who pay their entire course fee up front will save £750, while the university also offers a special Early Bird discount of up to £1,000 for students who apply before certain specified deadlines.

In addition, Falmouth operates a ‘refer a friend’ scheme for current students or graduates who tell their friends about courses. If they successfully enrol, you will be rewarded with a £250 Amazon voucher, while they are given a discount of the same amount on their tuition. 

Last but certainly not least, all Falmouth alumni can qualify for a discount of 15% of their total fees. This special offer is the university’s way of showing its commitment to the continued professional and academic development of its graduates.               

3. Get Additional Help for Your Tuition by Applying for Bursary

Falmouth University prides itself on providing a platform for future creative industry leaders, and the university offers up to £30,000 of bursary funds to help support the development of talented students.

Specialised scholarships are also available for particular courses. Students looking for universities with photography degrees will be interested to know that Falmouth offers the Calumet Photographic Scholarship for MA Photography specifically for students in this field.

App development students, meanwhile, may be able to avail of the Tearaway Scholarship for MA Creative App Development, which is named after a BAFTA-winning game developed by Rex Crowle, a proud Falmouth alumnus.

4. An Online Master’s Degree May Provide a Return on Your Investment

While all of these options can help make your Master’s degree more affordable, the new skills you will acquire during your studies are what ultimately make it such great value for money. An MA could help you bridge vital gaps in your knowledge, refine your creative approach, or modernise your working methods in line with the latest technical developments in your industry.

As a result, it can be the key to taking your career to the next level, helping you to obtain a promotion, a new job, or even start your own business. With such a wide range of lucrative professional possibilities, your degree may eventually pay for itself.

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An MA degree can help you secure more lucrative work

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