3 ways an Advertising Strategy Masters prepares you for the industry

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Digital Advertising Opportunities for Advertising Masters
Advertising Strategy & Planning Masters Students Learn New Industry Attitudes
Strategic skills acquired by studying an MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning Online

In today’s society, the needs and motivations of consumers are constantly changing. As a result, the rules of advertising and marketing are being rewritten all the time, with the lines between the two becoming increasingly blurred as businesses seek to appeal to the more sophisticated sensibilities of the modern public. To avoid being left behind, top advertising and marketing agencies are increasingly seeking candidates with advanced training in both areas. 

Falmouth University's Flexible Learning MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning delves deep into the functions and processes of these closely linked disciplines, examining their increasingly overlapping roles in areas such as brand development, communications strategy, and media channel management.

Regardless of your professional background, choosing to accelerate your career by continuing your education with an online master’s in advertising strategy & planning can prepare you for understanding the emerging advertising attitudes, managerial best practices, and digital developments in this rapidly evolving sector.

Digital Advertising Opportunities for Advertising Masters

Digital advertising and marketing is generally far more targeted, cost efficient, and agile than traditional mediums. It also presents clear opportunities for ambitious professionals in the new industry, both for individuals seeking an in-demand niche and agencies seeking better ways of building buzz, trust, and sales in today's omni-connected world.

marketing and advertising masters

Falmouth's flexible learning is ideal for understanding contemporary advertising trends

In today's climate, it is the customer who has become newly empowered. They are more discerning, yet unpredictable, and they are always online. Analytics and online interaction through social media and web initiatives enable key insights into their behaviour and possibilities for beginning mutually beneficial relationships. The predominantly online nature of flexible learning courses is a fitting method for expanding knowledge in this area.

Advertising Strategy & Planning Masters Students Learn New Industry Attitudes

As advertising and marketing evolve, strategies that were once taken for granted as little as a decade ago may have already become obsolete. Trends are pointing towards more niche agencies with specialized expertise, interactive storytelling in inbound marketing, and innovative ad design taking a more prominent role.

Pursuing an online masters degree in advertising is an ideal personal development solution for staying ahead of the curve, gaining a foothold in the unpredictable media environment, and learning from international experts and peers around the world in a dynamic global context. Working professionals contribute their particular experiences to the group in frequent online forums and in optional residential workshops held twice a year.

Strategic skills acquired by studying an MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning Online

By completing an advertising strategy & planning masters programme, students are empowered with the research and strategic thinking skills that industry leaders require. A variety of roles are explored in depth so students may understand how the interrelated parts may form an effective whole, moving with greater efficiency toward innovative solutions. Creative talent is of particular importance in the advertising and marketing industry, for developing memorable messages that cut through the cluttered media environment. Falmouth is well known for growing creative talents, with one of the first pure Creative Advertising programmes in Europe.

In an industry where being connected is essential, this education provides priceless networking opportunities to propel graduates to ambitious positions. Having the chance to fully develop comprehensive advertising plans with expert support often provides the capabilities to take careers to the next level.

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