3 Ways a Creative Online MA Degree Can Boost Your Employability

Tue 1 Dec 2020

This post was updated on 15th October 2018.

Update Your Skills According to the Latest Demands
Expand Your Horizons and Industry Connections
Earn Worldwide Respect with an Online MA Degree

Creative careers are often the most stimulating and fulfilling, harnessing your imagination and inspiration to develop projects that continuously evolve over time. However, the best employment opportunities in the creative industries can be challenging to attain because there is more competition for these highly desirable positions.

While getting one of these exciting jobs has always been difficult, the UK's creative and cultural sector currently shows the highest growth for total employment, with an increase of nearly 16% since 2011. Barriers to entry into the creative industries have arguably never been lower but achieving your dream job requires taking advantage of every opportunity. Research suggests graduates with a Master’s degree are more employable and generally earn more in their lifetimes.

With expert training in essential professional practice, a prestigious qualification that opens doors worldwide and exclusive international networking opportunities, it's easy to see why a creative MA degree is worth the investment.

Update Your Skills According to the Latest Demands

Undergraduate study is great for becoming exposed to a range of fundamental concepts and potential life paths while developing important time management, self-discipline, and other skills. The postgraduate level builds on these capabilities but with a distinctive focus on shaping the unique qualities that define the most successful practitioners in the particular field.

Designed in consultation with industry experts, an online MA degree empowers you with the latest employer-focused skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in your chosen career path. Engaging learning activities help apply theory to practice, quickly expanding your abilities and professional portfolio with rich feedback from tutors and peers. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and international insights into what it takes to make it so they graduate with the confidence to boldly achieve their goals.

Expand Your Horizons and Industry Connections

Postgraduate studies at top universities offer excellent opportunities for expanding your global network and developing key industry contacts. These insider connections are particularly important for accelerating your career in the creative industries, sometimes making the difference in getting you into the right circles.

Group of young people having a meeting

Postgraduate study provides the experience and networks needed to advance your career

Studying alongside and networking with talented peers from around the world on flexible learning courses is not only great exposure to diverse professional approaches but also opens doors to rewarding career opportunities. Students have ongoing access to career support services and industry networking at optional face-to-face events. Employer-focused courses work with global organisations, staff, and alumni to provide the experience and networks needed to advance your career.

Earn Worldwide Respect with an Online MA Degree

Proactive postgraduate study at a top university can have a truly transformative effect on your career prospects. The valuable professional insights, industry contacts, and wealth of resources provided by creative MA's give you all you need to pursue ideal employment or start your own business.

A prestigious MA from Falmouth will open doors for you all over the world. With such a boost to your employability, the only limit is your own ambition. Find out more about Falmouth Flexible's MA Degree courses

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