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Hear directly from MA Photography Course Leader and a current MA student, as they discuss the programme – revealing how it will help you develop a strong understanding of professional techniques – and share their tips and best practices for online study. 

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- Mandy Simpson: I run my own business, which I was working five days a week on. And I now work four days a week on. And the course is advertised as being 20 hours average per week. I found I needed to put more hours in but other people didn't. So it's different across everybody's practices. My practice is very labor-intensive. Making a cyanotype animation is crazy hours, but that's what I wanted to do. But I've dabbled in photo weavings and that sort of thing as well. So this all takes a lot of time. So for me, I was able to fit that.

I went down to four days a week at work, and I've worked evenings and weekends. But some people managed to do their MA in less hours. So it just depends on your practice and how you work. But what I would say is that the course is really well organized and Jesse has it all set up on Canvas. And in order to be organized yourself, that is absolutely crucial that you get organized with Canvas right from the very first day. Because if you are organized on Canvas, it's a breeze. You can organize your diary around your work commitments, and that if you get disorganized with Canvas, then it can get tricky. But Canvas is there for you to-- the calendar's there and the webinars are there to book into. So as long as you get yourself organized at the beginning of each module, it shouldn't be a problem for people to fit it in


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