Module Leader

Michela is a lecturer in Screenwriting and Television Studies at Falmouth University, where she teaches both undergraduates on campus and students on the online MA Writing for Script and Screen.

She is a PhD candidate in Media Studies and her research interests sit between environmental cinema and climate change communication.

Four of Michela's career highlights

  • Co-running a production company, The Script Department, developing a series of scripted podcasts that showcase the work of screenwriters from around the world
  • Publishing academic papers for 'The Handbook of Climate Change Communication' (2018) by Springer, and other articles for 'The Conversation' (UK).
  • Co-writing and producing the audio thriller ‘The Dead Cry Out’, performed by Allen Leech (Downton Abbey, The Imitation Game, Bohemian Rhapsody) - Featured on BBC Sounds
  • Directing and producing the environmental short film 'Be Tradition' (2017), which was presented to members of the U.S. Congress in relation to the issue of climate change.

A little advice?

Take advantage of the amazing online community of people that you join once you are enrolled in your course. To become friends with other students can truly elevate your experience on the course and you can help each other through the academic struggles!
Since all the information is permanently available to you online, it is easy to forget to take note. My advice is to always keep a diary or a notepad where you write down what your have learnt through the weekly lecturers and the meetings with your tutor, so you can deconstruct and reflect on the information afterwards.