Module Leader

An experienced, practicing screenwriter, Andy has been writing screenplays for the film and television industries since 2012, with the majority of his work being for the Australian market.

This experience in a rapidly developing section of global filmmaking has seen Andy travel far and wide in pursuit of project-led research.

Now, having merged experience with academic practice, Andy is a proud member of the screenwriting faculty offering Falmouth students one of the world’s leading programmes at BA and MA levels.

Four of Andy's career highlights

  • Forging a career as a global screenwriter whilst based primarily in Belfast

  • Working with one of Hollywood’s leading screenwriters on my feature film scripts

  • Connecting students on our MA Screenwriting course to established professionals like Steven Russell, Debbie Moon and Charlotte Regan

  • Latest work ‘The Last Guest of Grand Central’, a psychological thriller set during the Troubles, currently in development with a Belfast-based production company.

A little advice?

Don’t ever worry that academia will crush your independent creative spirit – it won’t. If anything, being asked to read subjects and material you wouldn’t naturally pick up will only amplify your writing – either by opening the door to new and wonderful territory or by pushing you only closer to the topics you already love.