Course Leader & Module Leader

Jesse brings to the MA a powerful combination of academic study, experience of working with global brands, highly regarded contributions to numerous photographic publications and extensive teaching experience.

This powerful blend gives his online students an informed, passionate and challenging two years of study at the end of which he is determined to see students graduate with a photographic project that exceeds their own expectations.

Four of Jesse's career highlights

  • Falling in love with photography after an opportunity to play with a proper SLR camera and a dark room around the age of 16
  • Continuous contribution of essays and reviews to publications such as Source, HotShoe International and 1000 Words Photography
  • Being awarded an MFA in Documentary Photography from University of Wales, Newport in 2008
  • Having his work 'Perspectives on Place: Theory & Practice in Landscape Photography' published by Bloomsbury in 2015.

A little advice?

Take lots of pictures (preferably with a real camera); read lots about photography; see lots of photography and reflect on it; watch lots of moves; talk to peers and practitioners about photography and try and figure out what you want to photograph, not necessarily what you feel you should photograph. And do a course in photography – Falmouth has a great choice!