Module Leader

With over 14 years of teaching in different parts of the world both face-to-face and online, Gary is well positioned to teach and guide an international cohort.

In addition to being an Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at a university in Tokyo, Gary combines training as a commercial product photographer with a background in fine art and visual communication design, giving him a very interdisciplinary view of the medium.

Having himself studied for his MA in Digital Arts via online delivery he understands fully the benefits and challenges this mode of learning brings.

Four of Gary's career highlights

  • Driving to Wimbledon School of Art every day from Portsmouth for 3 years
  • Knowing a lot about photographs from the Challenger expedition (1872–1876)
  • Being awarded a PhD in Photography from London College of Communication
  • His current research continues to explore rephotography as a visual methodology for shared practices of knowledge-making.

A little advice?

Surround yourself with a variety of perspectives, including ones that you won’t like because you can learn a lot from someone who sees weakness in your work. Remember also that photographers have an obligation to the medium which includes helping others to use it responsibly.
Every photograph is a lesson to be learned, and from which ideas can stem, and there are a lot of lessons out there taken every day which matter only to a few people. Robert Adams once said that ‘photographers are angels, not gods’ and this sums up how you might want to think about your role moving forward.