Course Leader

After completing his degree in Interaction and Moving Image at the London College of Communication in 2009, Al joined Falmouth University as a Technical Instructor in the Media Centre where he taught various forms of interactive media including web and mobile app development.

His role at the university has evolved considerably over his many years at the institution. This has enabled him to develop expertise in teaching, coordinating, and developing technical curricula; eventually, culminating in an MA in Creative Education where he specialised in the use of digital media to support learning.
Al is also the Co-founder and Technical Director of M-A-P Digital Projects. There he develops complex interactive systems, digital art, and commercial projects for major brands.

Alongside this he supports ERDF-funded partnerships such as Unlocking Potential, providing business mentoring and one-to-one expert support for new startups, entrepreneurs, professionals, and employed graduates.
This rich blend of online teaching expertise side-by-side with hands-on development experience enables Al to support students very effectively.

He brings sound support and pedagogic strategies to his teaching, gelling the student learning experience together and drawing success out of even the most timid students during their project-orientated modules.

Four of Alcwyn's career highlights

  • Launching the Citizen Journalist Network (CJN) app in 2018
  • Leading the development of the IOI-Sphere in Vauxhall, London in 2017
  • Receiving an excellence award for “Innovation in Teaching” in 2016
  • Earning an MA in Creative Education from Falmouth University in 2014.

A little advice?

As users of technology, we often change our behaviour to accommodate the requirements of the machines that are supposed to make our life easier. Human-centered design is an approach that aims to put people at the forefront of design and in doing so help to create more meaningful human-computer interaction.