Falmouth Flexible Bursaries & Funding Opportunities


The Falmouth Flexible Bursary Fund is designed to support aspiring leaders in the creative sector.

There is funding available for those able to start studying in May 2018.

Contact us asap for more information:

  •  UK applicants can call toll-free on 0800 599 9123
  •  International applicants: please call +44 1223 447713 or email flexible@falmouth.ac.uk

Tearaway Scholarship for MA Creative App Development

The “Tearaway Scholarship” is named after the BAFTA winning game that Rex Crowle, a proud alumnus of Falmouth University. Rex offers the following advice to aspiring game developers:

“Experiment, and try not to look too much at all of the games that have gone before. I’m never entirely sure it's good to play too many games for inspiration - it's good to understand what makes them tick and makes them feel good. But don’t make another game that's inspired by Zelda, make something that looks at what inspired Zelda in the first place (exploration and adventure) and make something about that. I get far more game ideas from living life or visiting art galleries than playing other games, so keep your eyes open!”

The Tearaway Scholarship seeks to inspire future game developers who enjoy the creating process and the results. For further information please contact us:

T: 0800 5999123 (UK) or +44 1233 447713 (International)

E: flexible@falmouth.ac.uk

Calumet Photographic Scholarship for MA Photography

Calumet Photographic has been providing solutions for budding and professional photographers for over seventy five years. As a key player in the photographic industries, they offer unique service and benefits to those developing their imaging skills.

The Calumet Photographic Scholarship is offered to emerging photographic practitioners who are looking to excel in the dynamic world of contemporary photography.

For further information please contact us:

T: 0800 5999123 (UK) or +44 1233 447713 (International)

E: flexible@falmouth.ac.uk


To apply for bursaries for MA Advertising Strategy & Planning, MA Photography, MA Writing for Script & Screen, MA Creative App Development and MA Creative Events Management, please fill in the form below or for further information regarding scholarships please contact us:

T: 0800 5999123 (UK) or +44 1233 447713 (International)

E: flexible@falmouth.ac.uk

Eligibility Criteria

Bursaries may be awarded to applicants whose profiles match our bursary requirements. To be eligible for May 2018 enrolment, you must:

  • Submit a completed application form by 6 April 2018
  • Be accepted and offered a place by Falmouth University
  • Submit an essay of 500 words on why you should be considered for the bursary, including details of previous qualifications, work experience, why you want to study your course at Falmouth, and how a bursary could help you

Application deadlines for September 2018 and January 2019 intakes will be announced separately.

How the bursary works:

  • Awards are available for accepted applicants applying for May and September 2018 intakes
  • There is a maximum of three bursary awards per course per intake
  • Eligible programmes for the 2017/18 academic year are:
    • MA Advertising Strategy & Planning
    • MA Creative Events Management
    • MA Creative App Development
    • MA Photography
    • MA Writing for Script & Screen

Contact us for more information on bursary and funding opportunities:

  • UK applicants can call toll-free on 0800 599 9123
  • International applicants: please call +44 1223 447713 or email flexible@falmouth.ac.uk

Bursary Application


*Mandatory fields

Alumni discount

  • This discount is available to all Falmouth alumni
  • Submit the completed application for your MA course by the deadlines specified for bursaries (include application form, reference forms and CV)
  • Indicate the year of your graduation from Falmouth University and the course you studied in your personal statement
  • If you are accepted, you will receive a 15% deduction on your full tuition fees
  • This alumni discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other bursary initiatives

Early Bird Discount

  • An Early Bird Discount of up to £1,000 is given to applications received prior to 30 March 2018 for May intake. Please contact us for details. 
  • If you are accepted and pay your acceptance fee within two weeks of receiving your offer, you will receive a £1,000 deduction on your full tuition fee

Refer a Friend Rewards

If you are currently studying with Falmouth Flexible or are a Falmouth graduate, and you refer a friend who successfully enrols, Falmouth Flexible will reward you and your friend.

  • MA: £500 tuition discount to you, £500 tuition discount to your friend 
  • PGDip: £350 tuition discount to you, £350 tuition discount to your friend
  • PGCHE: £175 tuition discount to you, £175 tuition discount to your friend

To qualify you need to complete the Refer a Friend form here.

Please see here for terms and conditions.